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February 29th, 2012 by Annette

February/March Theme-a-licious

Fangirl February

I had a plan for February.  It was a good one, too.  And truth be told, I stuck to it fairly well.

I did work on the Mill Hill Toy Store and the Dimples Designs L’Epoch Nouveau.  I also worked on TW’s Dragon Ride which was a last minute substitution in honor of the Year of the Dragon:

Where I started:

And 10 hours later my dragon had more wing and a start of a neck:

I also realized why this WIP hasn’t seen a needle for awhile.  As you may notice, I customized the border, using two overdyes rather than the original charted colors.  The more of the dragon I add, the less I like the result 🙁  So my next 10 hours will probably be spent frogging out the border and starting to restitch it.  I’ll be happier in the end and it will certainly encourage me to finish this year.

Next on the Fangirl list was Ink Circles Masquerade.

Where I started:

And 10 hours later….

Not too shabby!

And then it was off to Liberty Lane by Country Cottage Needleworks.  Happily, I can report that the piece is finished!!  Sadly, I must report I have no picture to share as it’s still a wrinkle-fest and I have yet to introduce LL to my iron.  Soon…

At that point, Fangirl February lost steam.  I have put in a few hours on Sea to Shining Sea (finished the words on the bottom!) but not enough for a picture.  Why the slow down?  Well, I’ve been sucked into a bit of home remodeling.  That commenced last week with a very nice gentlemen coming in to paint the interior of the house.  It will continue next week when a couple of new gentlemen will be laying new tile (the sample is peeking from behind the Masquerade pic up there) and new wood floors (here’s my stitch log on the floor sample):

After *that* we have a nice electrician coming to install new ceiling fans in all of our rooms (except the two bathrooms) and finally the man that started it all, the painter, will be back to finish off trim and baseboards.

And did I mention the new couch, loveseat and bedroom furniture will be arriving mid April?  Oh, and that Friday our plasma TV will finally be hung on the wall in the living room by two other perfectly pleasant young men?

So, I’m sure you can appreciate why my stitching hours have *drastically* reduced in the last week.  And probably won’t pick up again for at least two more weeks…..

March Madness

Stitch or knit on something different every day…it’s madness…of the funnest possible kind.

Yeah.. something tells me if I get to stitch on *anything* this month it will be a mad miracle.


7 Responses to “February/March Theme-a-licious”
  1. Dragon Ride is looking great. Too bad about the borders though. Hopefully you’ll get the frogging done quickly. Wonderful progress on Masquerade. Take care!


  2. Your WIPs look fab, Annette. Hey, I don’t mind seeing wrinkly finishes!!!

    I know what you mean about remodeling…the project seems to take over your entire life, doesn’t it?

  3. kielrain says

    I love your Ink Circles project. That is a nice one.

    Looks like with all that remodel work you are going to end up in a brand new house almost! I hope you enjoy it once all the crazy is done. 🙂

  4. You’ve made great progress this month! March Madness is going to be a real challenge for me but for a different reason. I tend to fall in love with a project and find it hard to put down.

  5. Great progress on all projects! Good luck with March Madness and the home make over!

  6. All of your wips look great! You got alot of nice stash also. I will keep checking back to see your progress.

  7. You made great progress!! That’s a lot of remodeling…pick something relaxing to stitch on and forget the madness going on in the house!!