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November 21st, 2008 by Annette

Red, Red and oh yeah…. Red

I stopped at Ulta on my way home tonight (training is done…thank heaven) as I was in the mood for some new nail polish after seeing Missy Ann’s recent manicure.  I have my biweekly nail appointment (fill and pedi this time) tomorrow.

As you might guess, I’m partial to red polish:

(Click to big-ify for a better look at the colors)

These are all OPI (Buy 2 get 1 free!).  Left to right:

  • Don’t Toy With Me
  • Little Red Wagon
  • Ruby for Rudolph
  • Chick Flick Cherry
  • An Affair in Red Square
  • Bastille My Heart

Now I just have to decide before my appointment tomorrow at 10.

No Friday night Stitchathon for me tonight.  Kylie and I are going to see a movie.

If you’ve noticed my GoodReads box on the left, I’ve been making my way thru the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.   I blame this on my Kindle.  It’s incredibly easy to “click” up the next installment and have it delivered instantly rather than find time to either make my way to the bookstore (and hope the next book is in stock) or wait on a delivery (and in the meantime get absorbed in something else).  I did take enough of a break for Swallowing Darkness (latest Laurell K Hamilton – good, but it’s time to get this woman an editor to tighten up the story. Yikes.  Nice ending, though).

Next week I’m on vacation!!!  I will be all alone at home Monday – Wednesday.  I foresee a pantry and bedroom de-clutter and some serious stitching time while continuing Battlestar Galactica.  I’m halfway thru Season 2 and Season 3 was delivered this week.


6 Responses to “Red, Red and oh yeah…. Red”
  1. Ooooooh, love those reds!! I may have to make a stop in Ulta soon to pick a couple of those up. Don’t you just love OPI?!!

    Enjoy the movie! I did. 🙂

  2. LOVE that Ruby for Rudolph, I’ll be on the lookout for that one.

    I have all of Kenyon’s in my keeper chest (which is offically stuffed full), I’d love to have them on Kindle – but I just can’t bring myself to buy them again. At some point I’m sure I will though…

    I’ve got to stop at the library tomorrow, they’ve got Swallowing Darkness on hold for me.

  3. Great colors! OPI has such neat names for their colors. Enjoy the quiet time. I have the house to myself on Monday and Tuesday and then I have a houseful through the weekend. I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

  4. JenJen3574 says

    Very nice shades – seeing MissyAnn’s blog and yours makes me think I need to pay more attention to my nails!

  5. Tag, you’re it. Check out my blog. =)

    Love the reds btw. 😛

  6. I think I must have been living under a rock – I had never heard of that movie until last week. LOL