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March 17th, 2012 by Annette

Finish Photo Shoot

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I finished Liberty Lane by Country Cottage last month:

I started this not long after it came out in 2009 using the included Crescent Color fibers and Magnolia 32-ct Lakeside Linen

It’s a sweet piece and I’m so glad it’s complete…


Last night, I finished my third piece this year.  It’s from Mill Hill’s Christmas Village collection:

I’ve done a few of these Bead and Button kits and have found working them on 28-ct fabric is MUCH better than working on the stiff perforated paper.

With all the beads on this it came out quite crusty 😉  This piece did make a brief appearance in the last UFO RR I participated in a couple years ago, but the majority of the stitching and beading was done by yours truly.  It took 18.5 hours to complete this year…

That makes four finishes this year, three from my WIPocalypse list!  Woohoo!!


7 Responses to “Finish Photo Shoot”
  1. Congrats on your finishes! They both look great!

  2. Hello

    Your finishes are lovely.

    The colours of Liberty Lane are beautiful.

    I like your Mill Hill finish too. I’m so glad to have seen your post because I like these designs but hate stitching on perforated paper so I’ve never tried one. Thanks for the idea of stitching on fabric.

    Happy stitching.

  3. Wonderful finishes, Annette! Way to go on that WIPocalypse list!!!

  4. WooHoo!!! You are making great progress on that WIP list. And, you have some wonderful finishes as a bonus! Love the Mill Hill kits.

  5. Both your finished projects are lovely. I bet the Mill Hill one is real sparkly in real life.


  6. gorgeous finishes 😀 they look lovely

  7. Beautiful finishes!