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December 15th, 2008 by Annette

My Monday Morning

First, I owe the Blog a slew of pictures.  I received my Round #10 Fair & Square(s) which I love, my squares have also been received and I have been stitching on my Winter Round Robin.  I was also seduced to a new start which I am desperately in love with and ignoring everything else on my list…… Anyway that will be tomorrow’s post.

For today, here’s a rundown of my morning:

7:00a – Get Z up for school.  Get myself ready to leave.

7:45a – Leave with Z.  Drop him at school.

7:50a – Starbucks.  Salted caramel hot chocolate.  YUMMM

8:00a – Gas Station – fill my car with premium gas for $1.91.  That’s right.  Less than $2 for 12+ gallons.  How, you say?  I shop at Safeway which allows one to accumulate $.10/gallon gas “rewards” based on grocery spend. I had 15 saved up since Oct 1.  I paid $0.149/gallon.  Score!

8:10a – Best Buy.  I think there were three cars in the parking lot.  I guess folks didn’t realize they were opening an hour earlier.  Picked up one of two items on the list for my spouse.  Interestingly, there were *no* cashiers open.  I guess you can come in but you can’t actually buy anything….  (Asst. Mgr. helped me).

8:25a – Target.  Again, not many folks in the store, but the cashier did recognize it was the “calm before the storm.”  Found everything on my list (and then some) and the missing item from Best Buy.

9:10a – Borders.  I had a coupon for 40% off two Blu-Ray DVDs and had a couple on my list for DH 🙂  Couldn’t pass that one up!

9:35a – Mervyn’s.  Technically, this wasn’t on the list but well…..  No Christmas presents bought, but I did find school uniform pants for Z for $6.40 (incredibly cheap, that) and a couple other useful bits.

10:15a – Back home to order the last two Christmas gifts from Amazon.  (Hard-to-find CDs for spouse)

With that I can state that I am *done* with physical shopping for Christmas with one lone exception (my mother is being very slow with her wish list and I’ve not gotten enough brilliant ideas for her).  DH is tasked with gift card purchases, so that’s on his list, not mine! LOL

Time to wrap.  I have one box to send that needs to go out tomorrow 🙂


6 Responses to “My Monday Morning”
  1. Good lord, I’m tired just reading about your day. LOL Nice score on the fuel! 🙂

  2. Im impressed with your saving skills! Sounds like a full day ;o)

  3. I am loving the salted caramel hot chocolate! I just had one for lunch. Mmmm salty and sweet. 🙂

  4. Congrats on being finished! IMO, wrapping is the best part of getting ready for Christmas.

  5. Your day sounds very much like mine, only I did my running in the afternoon. 2 pair shoes, 2 christmas presents, grocery store & drug store in 2 hours flat.

    All hail the power shoppers!

  6. Yes, all hail the power shoppers! 🙂 Sounds like a very productive morning.