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April 8th, 2012 by Annette

WIPocalypse – April

Whew… it’s been quite busy since my last WIPocalypse post in March.

Our house improvement checklist is down to its last item (new loveseat and couch due the end of this month) and I love love love the changes we’ve made.

Our new bedroom furniture arrived yesterday:

Yes, the walls are pink.  And for Cheryl’s benefit… the piece on the right is my Mirabilia Round Robin – the pixie one.  On the left is DH’s UT clock 😉  The center piece is a stitched baseball-themed piece, but it will probably be moved…at least up a bit.

And the dresser….

We didn’t get the mirror (our closet doors are mirrors and that’s quite enough reflection, thankyouverymuch) so how to fill that wide open space is definitely something to think about.  Pictures?  A small quilt? So many possibilities….

Anyway, the subject of this is WIPocalypse….  since the last update, what stitching I have managed has been from my WIPocalypse list, with one more finish for the year (MH Toy Store Bead & Button kit).  I’m on the final piece of the third time thru my eight-slot rotation (L’Epoch Nouveau) and I’m thinking I’ll bring out Spring Queen to start round four.  She and Greek Mandala will be joining the fun as part of Amazon April.

Now that the house work has been completed and I’ve no business travel on the horizon, I’m looking forward to returning to my regular stitching routine and getting back to making significant progress on the remaining WIPocalypse pieces.


3 Responses to “WIPocalypse – April”
  1. Very pretty bedroom setting! I’m with you on the no mirror on the dresser. The only mirrors in our house are in the bathrooms. 🙂

  2. Love the new furniture! And I think a beautiful Chatelaine would be gorgeous over the dresser!! (Perhaps Greek Mandala?)

  3. Oh, home improvements and new furniture are fabulous.

    I would use the space above the dresser to create a collage of finished cross-stitched pieces!