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April 12th, 2012 by Annette

What the Yarn Wants

While life and work have been extremely busy, I have been knitting along because sometimes that’s all my brain can handle in the evening.

It’s also what I do on the vanpool in the morning and afternoon.  And I’ve been known to sneak in a row or two while doing company-mandated training….

Over the last few months, I’ve bought a skein of yarn or two.  (ahem)  Sometimes, I see the colors and I just *know* what the yarn wants to be and in the last project, where its home is meant to be.  My last project was a simple One-Row scarf that is now happily residing a bit east of me.  I knew from the moment I clicked “BUY” exactly who that yarn was meant for.

Before heading out for my business trip last week, I needed a new knit project to take along.  I prefer to knit on planes and I was pretty sure I would have very limited time between meetings and dinner plans to do much more than a row or two at night.

I’ve had a couple of recent purchases hanging out in my nightstand (yes, my stash lives in various nooks and crannies in the house… whose doesn’t??) so I wound one up (Fiesta Boomerang in Surf.  One of my very favorite yarns in an awesome color) and found a promising pattern (Simple Textured Sock).  A bit of a swatch to find the right needle and I was off and running.

I made decent progress while on the trip…..(beware… really sucky cellphone pic)

But this week, I could tell there was just something not right.

Blackberry included for size comparison.  Evidently I’m knitting a sock for Bigfoot.

The yarn was not happy.  My gauge was very close (7.75 st/in rather than 8), so that was not the root cause.  The needles were appropriately tiny (US1).  The fabric was relatively firm and I was measuring out fine.  I realized that at the current rate, not only would I have to find someone with much larger feet than the average person to receive these, I may not have enough yarn to complete the pair.

It was painful, but unhappy yarn does not make for a smooth project.  I ripped them out completely and started something new tonight.  Larger needles….simpler pattern better suited to this springy yarn…

So far, the yarn seems much happier.  I’ll let you know when I’m a few more rows in.


2 Responses to “What the Yarn Wants”
  1. Michaelangelo used to say that he just freed the shapes from the stone. Sounds like you’re doing the same.

  2. I’m sorry that you had to rip it out and start something new – I liked the look of the colors on the sock!