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April 21st, 2012 by Annette

Birthday Stash

A week ago, I celebrated a birthday.

The family showered me with love and attention, as always 🙂  A new Vera purse, my favorite See’s chocolates, and a trip to the Phoenix Art Museum with DH to see a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  All in all, a great day!

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper birthday without a bit of stash acquisition, of course.  A couple weeks ago I had a design *leap* out at me from one of the blogs I follow (can I remember?  Of course not…) and after a little searching, had it sent (and a couple other items to help justify the shipping…yikes).

The bunny on the lower left was the leaper 😉  He’s an older Mill Hill kit from 2003.

And then there’s always my birthday discount opportunity at Needlecraft Corner….can’t let that go to waste.

 That would be Mirabilia Tulip on the bottom, Glendon Place Plum Pudding on the left and The Stitching Parlor’s Persuasion on the top.  I have to admit, in the last few weeks I’m warming up to reproduction-style samplers.  Now, I won’t be restocking my stash with them, but I have certainly noticed a few more catching my eye of late.

I’m blessed to have Attic Needlework as my local shop.  As part of their “frequent shopper” program, a nice discount on a birthday shop is available.  I took advantage of that today…

 On the left, a fat quarter of Smokey White Belfast (for Plum Pudding), The Sampler Company’s Plymouth Sampler on the right and a new project envelope underneath.  I just can’t resist alphabets on fabric!  I also ordered Rebecca Gelwick by Historic Stitches and The Town House Sampler by Threads of Gold (though not sure if that’s the right designer… interesting results when I searched for a pic).

Lastly, my mom brought me one last thing today when she came by….

She knows me so well.



8 Responses to “Birthday Stash”
  1. Smokey White Belfast?? I’ve never seen that!! Hmmm will have to go look! Looks like a great haul!

  2. What lovely birthday stash. I see a couple of things we both like. I have the new Glendon Place.
    That new Vickery Collection piece has caught my eye a few times. I saw it at the online Needlework Show. Please remind me that I can’t possibly stitch all that I have now.

  3. Happy birthday, again. I am just tickled pink that you’re getting into samplers. We’ll have to get you to start coming to Sampler Sunday 😀

  4. Awesome birthday stash!! That Plum Pudding piece is such a stunner. I’ve had it in my hands on more than one occasion myself at my LNS. 😆

  5. Missy Ann says

    I too am intrigued by this smoky white belfast…

  6. Happy Birthday Annette! Lovely stash haul. What fun!

  7. kielrain says

    What wonderful stash!

  8. awesome stash 🙂