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May 17th, 2012 by Annette


In the last week:

  • I’ve been in four states (other than Arizona).
  • Put 2,400 miles on my car in 38 hours of driving (over four days).
  • Visited with former in-laws for a day.
  • Spent two nights in Albuquerque with my brother and his family
  • Drove by my high school and house I spent several years in (in Albuquerque)
  • Finished another WIPocalypse piece (warning, crappy cell phone pic)

Mill Hill Haunted House kit

  • Finished my third rotation round for 2012 (a total of five pieces…. the finish is the first slot in Round 4)
  • Finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse – Deadlocked (meh)
  • Lost another pound on Weight Watchers (considering I spent four days driving, an amazing feat, right there)
It’s been a busy week.


5 Responses to “Whirlwind”
  1. What an incredibly busy week. Betcha are glad to be out of the car! That’s a lot of driving in a short amount of time. WTG on the weight loss! 🙂 Love the Halloween piece. 🙂

  2. Oh my….you have been super busy! At least you got to see and enjoy your family. And what a cute finish! I recommend you stay home and stitch for the weekend. 🙂

  3. Very cute finish – but you busy week is making my head spin!!! :o)

  4. Tired, reading all that! LOL

  5. Gorgeous stitching 😀