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January 4th, 2009 by Annette

2009 Goals

Thanks everyone for your kind words on my Autumn Queen finish.  I still can’t believe she’s finally finished!!!  I did get a small start on Summer Queen last night.  I was amazed to find that she has neither Wisper or any Krenik braid… woohoo!  Those were the bits I left until the end on Autumn LOL

It’s the time of year of looking ahead, and I’ve been giving it some thought for the last few weeks.  What can I realistically resolve to do for 2009?  Here’s what I came up with:


Listen to More Music – I have multiple iPods filled with great music and I rarely listen to them.  Both DH and DD have music as their constant companion.  I need to have more music in my day.  To that end I asked for one CD for Christmas (David C00k) and bought two more afterwards (Prince – Purple Rain and Styx – Greatest Hits).  I also bought a new set of headphones as too much time with the little Apple buds hurts my ears.

Play More Games – We are a gaming household but I will go weeks without touching any of my games.   I will watch everyone else play, but no controller hits my hands.  How can I finish PuzzleQuest or Lego Batman if I don’t play?

Work Smarter – I won’t work more, nor can I work less, but I do need to work smarter.  I  have a surplus of things that need to be done…and when I try to do them all, I do none as well as I’d like.  So, I need to be more proactive about setting priorities and delegating what I can.

Read – I read 66 books last year, with 19 of those in December.  Based on my GoodReads updates, I can see that since I received my Kindle, my books/month has increased.  Of course, part may also be that I’m paying attention to what my GoodReads friends are reading and add those to my “to-read” list!  In 2009, I want to read more than I did in 2008.


I’m taking the idea of Guilt Free January to new heights….

Unless I’ve worked on a piece since January 1, it is not considered a WIP and I’m not feeling guilty!

That’s right.  As of this moment, I have ONE piece in progress…  Summer Queen.  Now, you and I both know I’m not a true One-At-A-Timer and I’ve already planned for two more starts this month.   I want to keep that WIP number around five, not counting my Winter RR or the Fair & Square Exchanges (the only not-for-me stitching I plan to do this year).  That means once I’ve touched five projects, I’ve got to finish one before I start another.  Thankfully, I’ve got lots of small-ish items either started or kitted.

Goal – alternate new projects and pre-2009 projects.  It’s a goal, we’ll see how close I get….

So that’s the plan for the year.  🙂


4 Responses to “2009 Goals”
  1. I think that sounds like an excellent plan!

  2. Melissa C. says

    I love your goals! Any year that starts with listen to more music, play more games, and read more is going to ROCK. lol

  3. I love your lists. Goodreads is so great isn’t it? I just added you as a friend 🙂

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