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June 8th, 2012 by Annette

June WIPocalypse

Since we last talked WIPocalypse, there has been a bit of progress made…

In addition to finishing the Mill Hill Haunted House, I finally made a start on the planned new start for this year.

This is the June Cottage from Country Cottage Needleworks on 36-ct linen using a conversion to Belle Soie that was done by my LNS, Attic Needlework.  Attic is converting each month to silks and as it was readily available… well… I abandoned my original plan to do them all on one huge piece of fabric and I’m letting fate dictate each one stitched individually.

I’ve learned not to argue with fate.

I also managed another 10 hours on Mirabilia Spring Queen:

The progress is blinding, isn’t it?

And as an official followup to the last post… yes, my DH GOT THE JOB!  We are all VERY  excited here at The Acre!  There has been much rejoicing!  There will also be much shopping this weekend as we start rebuilding him a suitable business wardrobe 🙂  Start date is 6/25.


4 Responses to “June WIPocalypse”
  1. Congratulations to your DH on his new job Annette. I am so happy for all of you.
    Good progress on your Wipocalypse.
    I just bought Spring Queen and I’m still deciding on a fabric. Thought I would see what I could find while in Texas.

  2. Congrats to your DH!

  3. Big congrats to your DH!! And your stitching is lovely too, nice start on Spring Queen.

  4. Yippeee for DH’s new job!!!!! So thrilled for the whole family! Hope wardrobe building is successful.

    Yay for the new starts! You’ve managed more stitching this month than have I.