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January 9th, 2009 by Annette

Works In Progress

Today marks the end of my “101 Things in 1001 Days” time.

I accomplished 31 of 101 things.  Yikes.

However, it is interesting to look back 1001 days ago and see the changes in interest that have happened…..and thus why I didn’t accomplish many items on the list outside of the “Professional” category (which I managed 5 out of 6 and the last one “Join a professional organization and attend three meetings” is in progress).  Does that mean I have some work-life balance challenges?  Maybe.  Or it could be the new promotion ( #81 in the form of a new job) is far more demanding than I anticipated? 😉

In any case, it’s time for a new list.  I’ll take some time to work on it.  Let’s set a goal for end of January to debut.  If you have suggestions for tasks or just want to see what I’m coming up with, just click the “101 Things” tab up on the top there.

I’m up to two stitching pieces in progress now:

#1 – Summer Queen (started at the bottom)

#2 – Poppy (picked up again this week and will probably work on her thru the weekend)


6 Responses to “Works In Progress”
  1. Oooh, the blues in Summer Queen are so pretty! Great start. I really like how Poppy is coming out, too.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to ask a question. How many strands of Wisper did you use when you stitched Autumn Queen? Thanks!

  3. Wow, that’s even less than I managed! LOL But yes, I understand how the job thing can interfere (it sure did for me). Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next round. And Poppy is looking awesome!

  4. You did better than I did – I couldn’t come up with 101 things to list, so gave up before I even started!!! Seeing other people starting new lists recently I’ve had another go and managed 35 🙁

    I put it down to being so much older than everyone else: so much is ‘Been there, done that…’ But I shall enjoy watching your achievements.

  5. Both of those project colours are very striking. I love Poppy’s dress. Gorgeous !

    Congrats on the items you did accomplish out of the 101. Like Fiona, I couldn’t come up with 101 things. I’d probably have a hard time coming up with 10 somedays LOL

  6. Oooh, I’m liking Poppy. And, you’ve got a good start on Summer Queen.

    I never posted any of my goals other than stitching. If I had, I know you would have me beat. I really haven’t accomplished much these past few years. Something about having two life-sucking teenagers…. So, I am going to offer you a heartfelt congrats on what you *did* accomplish! Bravo!