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June 30th, 2012 by Annette

How Time Flies – June Theme-alicious

We’re halfway thru 2012.  Can you believe it?  I cannot…

My weekend away was quite good.  It’s always nice to spend a couple days shopping and chatting with friends from across the country.  I managed to start Mirabilia’s Sunflower Fairy and the resounding agreement was to use Pampas.  Pictures soon…

I finished my Camp Loopy project – Hitchhiker and a picture will appear after it finds its way to its new home.  Second Camp Loopy project is moving along, though I have to admit choosing to do a triangle shawl in worsted wool in a Phoenix summer was probably not my best thought.  Should have stuck with lace weight.

For June, Heather’s Theme-alicious called for animals.

Interestingly, I managed to hit the theme on a couple of occasions without really trying.  I worked on Sea to Shining Sea and found fish in the river of the center house.  I started Betsy by Sheepish Designs and found sheep.  I picked up July Sings by Bent Creek (the last month I need to finish off the full set of monthly Snappers) and three birds are the center of the design.

And here I thought I was short on animal designs.

July is devoted to holidays.  I left the timers at home while I was away, so I’ll be starting Round Five of my 2012 Rotation tomorrow, July 1st.  A mix of WIPocalypse pieces, new starts and old WIPs:

In no particular order….

  • Betsy by Sheepish Designs (holiday – Independence Day)
  • Sunflower Fairy by Mirabilia
  • Snow Charmer from Mill Hill (holiday – Christmas)
  • Lilac Pixie by Mirabila (WIPocalypse)
  • June Cottage – LHN (WIPocalypse)

And knitting like the wind for Camp Loopy 🙂  Gotta finish by July 27!


One Response to “How Time Flies – June Theme-alicious”
  1. It sounds like you had a successful June with your stitching.

    Good luck on finishing your knitting ahead of Camp Loopy!