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Turtle Trot 2015

Turtle Trot 2015

This one comes from my buddy, Suz and originates on BAP Attack.

Here are the 10 WIPs I would like to finish this year.  Links to progress pictures as I post them.

1 – Lizzie*Kate Mystery Sampler (Things Unseen)

WIP Pic – Jan 25

Part 1 Complete

2 – Mirabilia New Year’s Fairy

3 – Mill Hill Wanda’s Witchery

WIP Pic – Jan 11

WIP Pic – Feb 13

4 – Ink Circles Tropic of Cancer Mandala

5 – Hinzeit Dark Shadows

6 – Scarlett House Christmas at Holly House

7 – Hands On Designs Chalkboard Series

January – Start 1/25

January – Complete

8 – Mill Hill Jim Shore Santa (new start)

9 – Little House Needlework Brave Hearts

10 – Glendon Place Plum Pudding



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