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December 22nd, 2010

And We’re Back….

Sorry about the longer-than-planned break there! 

December has been as busy, if not busier than November.  On Dec 6, I started in a new role at work and spent the last two work weeks of the new year supporting my new team as well as my old one.  While there wasn’t a whole lot going on in my old role as most projects were sailing along toward a 2011 delivery, several new projects were starting up, claiming huge chunks of my calendar for my *new* role.  And of course, there were now multiple holiday lunches to attend, claiming even more time. 

At the same time, my brother, his wife and my year old niece were visiting for the week of the 13th.  The castle quilt was finished and delivered to rave reviews:

Gee, you can’t tell I finished the binding at 11pm the night before, eh? The other animal quilt was also delivered a few days before… I just didn’t capture a pic beforehand.

I also did a little shopping on the day I picked them up from the quilter:

The Rest Ye Pins and Pine Mountain kit came from the LNS, not the quilt shop.  The Halloween fabric was on sale… how could I pass it up??  The fabric in the plastic bag on the left is for a pillowcase.  I’ll sew it up and send to Reagan sometime in the spring 🙂

Work finished on Friday the 17th.  And a wonderful new cold started the next day.

Zachary had some cough/cold thing going on the end of November. DH picked it up about a week later, but I was banking on the standard “Mom Immunity” to keep it at bay.  No such luck.  I’ve been coughing since Saturday.  Ugh.  I did manage to get out on Saturday and finish the majority of my Christmas shopping.  A couple more online items and after the postman comes today, I’ll be done! 

I’ll be breaking out the wrapping paper later today.  My closet is overrun with boxes and such right now.

I also finished up a couple small projects…..

Mill Hill Give Thanks.  This is the kit I started in Houston.  Destined for a pillow finish… at some point when the sewing machine comes back out.

Pine Mountain’s Spots of Christmas.  Yep, the kit from the picture up above.  It’s done and sitting on DH’s dresser (he has quite a collection of PM pillows…)

I’m hoping my next finish will be a little bigger….

She’s coming along.  I do plan on starting Spring on January 1st, whether Summer is done or not…

Other plans will hold for a new post 🙂

October 16th, 2010

Buttons and Masquerade

Last weekend, I spent a few hours at my LNS, Attic Needlework, learning how to embellish crocheted trim with buttons.  I worked on the trim and applied it to my small pillow:

A very simple technique (some crocheted trim, #10 cotton, small crochet hook and a pile of buttons) gives a nice result.  And of course, I can see a whole bunch of other options and uses. 

To that end…. I bought some buttons.

I found some on Etsy at this seller:

I may have bought another few (::cough:: six ::cough::) assortments from her today.

I also found some at Nancy’s Notions.

I’ll give you one guess which one I clicked on first.

I also bought this, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

Still waiting on the half dozen yards of crochet trim to arrive….

In the meantime, progress is being made on Masquerade by Ink Circles

I’ll be putting it away for a bit.  I realized this week that while I’d promised DH I’d finish his Summer Queen this year, that’s going to be quite difficult if I don’t actually *work* on it….

October 4th, 2010

Ready for Class…

Pillow stitched, stuffed and finished and ready for edging on Sunday:

My sewing machine decided it needed a break not long after this was completed.  🙁  I dropped it off at the local Husqvarna authorized repair shop this afternoon.  Hopefully, it will be back home, happy again in a couple weeks.  I have a Witchie quilt to bind!

September 22nd, 2010

Can’t Resist…

…a quick Halloween design.

Pine Mountain’s Eat, Drink and Be Scary

Of course, two solid days of conference calls (not that I’d stitch while on the call….nope, never, not me ::innocent look::) that left me mentally exhausted and welcoming 16-ct aida rather than 40-ct over two certainly helped.

I <3 Halloween.

August 22nd, 2010

Witchie Quilt Top Complete!

My first pieced quilt top….(click to biggify)

Size is approx 36″ x 58″ 

The design showed a thicker border on the right, but I decided to do thinner borders around all four sides instead.  I am very pleased with the result and can’t wait to take it to the quilt shop on Friday to see about having it layered and quilted.  The quirkiness definitely helped hide some less-than-perfect bits.  I do need to work on how I manage the seams on the back, but for my first attempt at a pieced quilt top, I think I did alright 🙂

July 3rd, 2010


Time to show off two recent bits of exchange stitching.  

ABC Exchange (Hooked on Exchanging blog)

What I received…. a gorgeous pillow.  Love love love this!  Click to biggify…

I also sent a small pin pillow based on the Blackbird Designs “Know Your ABC’s” freebie.  I also did a small fob (recipient initials on the front, mine on the back with the date).  The cord is made from black DMC and metallic threads.

Finishing fabric you may recognize from this pic 😉

Chatelaine Exchange (Chatelaine Board)

Today’s mail brought me this gorgeous ornament based on sampler designs from the Ruby and Sapphire mini-mysteries:

And the back:

I sent a biscornu based on Mini Mandala 1 and a beaded fob:

May 10th, 2010

Monday Already??

I hate when time flies by and you’ve nothing to show for it….

Almost nothing.  I did finish my last Mirabilia RR piece over the weekend.  This is a section of Mira’s Morning Glory pixie:

If you want to see the full thing (it’s a very wide picture) click here: Sophia’s RR

Mine came home already and is off to the framer.  I’ll post when it comes home 🙂

Next up is a piece for the Chatelaine Exchange and an upcoming ABC Exchange 🙂  Someday soon I’ll stitch for me again!

April 7th, 2010

Our Story So Far….

I think we can safely say 2010 will not be a big blogging year.

Anywho… I did finish off the next Mirabilia Round Robin.  Well, mostly… but that story can wait until after the picture:

Click here for full picture.  But be warned… it’s pretty awesome.  Might make you want to stitch a dozen Mirabilia bits.

I started this while I was sick.  My first mistake, apparently. 

The goal was to finish before the end of March, but it took me until April 4th.  My first attempt at pulling all the floss failed miserably (fever,  you know).  I missed five colors and of course, I was missing two of those from the stash (and didn’t want to dig thru other WIPs).  Now, there are two colors of beads required as well.  Somehow my fevered brain decided I had them.  So I didn’t bother getting any more at the LNS.

I’m sure you can see where this is headed.

On Sunday, after finishing all the backstitching, I hit the bead boxes for the beads.  I had neither.  No problem, I’ll just sub some Delicas.   Yeah.  Not so much.  Now, the colors aren’t too crazy… a pale blue and a blue-green.  But what looked close on the monitor looked like crap on the fabric, so rather than use the questionable substitutions, I decided to go ahead and mail the piece off to its next destination (Australia) and send the real beads on to the owner separately.

I’ve never sent off an incomplete RR piece.  I’m not happy.  Definitely won’t be doing it again. (Sending incomplete… someday I’ll do another RR, I’m sure).

Something to note:  Wednesday, the 14th is my 45th birthday.  I’m celebrating with a bit of stash….for me and for you 🙂  Yup, a giveaway is in the planning stages!

March 20th, 2010

An Update

Thank you for the well wishes 🙂

I’m  still coughing, but overall feeling significantly better.  Amazing what good drugs can do.

I did finish a couple books this week and managed a small bit of stitching:

This is He’s a Flake by Little House Needlworks with recommended fabric/fibers/beads.  I did leave off the random snowflakes.  I prefer a simpler look.

I’m making slow progress on the latest Mirabilia RR piece, but after frogging more than once this week, have put it aside for simpler fare until I get past the drugs. 

My TUSAL offering for the month – this is as of 3/15:

Obviously stitching has not been a priority for the last weeks.

February 23rd, 2010


Just some odds and ends to share….

First, I snapped this (with my Blackberry) yesterday as I was leaving work:

I was sitting in the vanpool van, this isn’t thru my windshield.  The rainbow was so bright!  It was lovely.

Here’s my Olympic knitting progress:

Sadly, my Olympic goal is not looking good.  This is a two-skein project and I’ve yet to finish the first one (seen on the left).  We shall see.

I did manage to finish the latest in the Mirabilia RR – this is a portion of Violet.

I also finished a couple books… and have to recommend one of them to any fan of good old fashioned sword/sorcery/epic fantasy.

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

This is the first in a trilogy and by all that’s holy, do *not* read the blurb for the second book before you finish the first one.  MAJOR spoiler right there!!  It’s got magic, politics, fighting, assassins, heroes and a nice twisty plot 😀