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December 26th, 2011

A Productive Vacation

It’s been a fairly hectic vacation (for me) this year.

DH started work today (YAY!) so last week was a series of orientation meetings, testing and paperwork bits to put in place for today’s first day of training.  Z’s last day of school was Thursday, so the daily shuttle service for him to/from school was in play.  A few last minute gifts and errands to run, etc.

I decided on a couple of last minute hats for my niece and met a friend at a new yarn shop near my office to get supplies.

The red one is Blue Sky Alpaca (both yarn and pattern).  The pink is the Elf Hat from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  My friend had shown me several she had finished the last few weeks for various nieces and nephews and before I knew it I had the book on my Kindle app on my phone and was hunting for the yarn shop.  The yarn is Collinette Calligraphy in Fushia.  Each hat took about two hours from cast on to weaving ends and have been well received by their intended recipient in New Mexico 🙂

Next on the list was finishing off Homespun Elegance’s Holiest of Nights…

Fabric is Vintage Misty Rain in 40-count.  I did convert the Weeks threads to Crescent Colors (with the help of Ms. Heather on her recent trip to AZ).  The cover picture is lousy for colors…. I like my version much better 🙂  If you’d like the list of colors used, mention in a comment and I’ll reply…

Here are the coversions from Weeks to Crescent Colors (DMC and GAST were not changed):

  • Dolphin to Rain Shower
  • Straw to Ginger Snap
  • Bark to Brandied Pears
  • Collards to Steamed Broccoli

The corner angels are still in question.  I have two options in mind.  Option A has been ordered, we’ll see how that looks as soon as it arrives received.  I’m not loving it, so Option B is now in play.  That one will take some time to work out 😉

The last thing on the 2011 list is finishing my Mirabilia RR.  I left one final square to fill on the return.  I did start Queen Mermaid and given I’ve got a week of vacation left, there’s a good chance she won’t get added to the 2012 Wipocalypse list.

However…. I did find myself reaching for another newly purchased design last night after all the Christmas festivities were complete:

What can I say?  It was practically screaming…. (it’s on Smokey White Belfast.  Photography is not my strong suit).


December 4th, 2011

Final Round Robin

I finished the last of the Mirabilia Round Robins today


And the full piece:


It will be headed home this week (as soon as I find an envelope…..oops). I will have a final square to stitch on mine when it arrives home 🙂

October 23rd, 2011

Another Mirabilia RR Complete

Just a quick post with completed Bluebell square on this year’s Mira RR.


And the full piece with only one empty spot left….


Almost done. This year has flown by.

September 28th, 2011

TUSAL for September

In case you couldn’t guess work is kinda crazy right now. And it doesn’t look to let up for awhile.

But nothing can stop the Totally Useless SAL!


The threads are from the Mirabilia RR (Poppy) and the Candy Corn Mill Hill magnet. See? I do finish now and then!

August 22nd, 2011

Three Days…

In the last three days…. (Saturday, Sunday and Monday):

– I bought a little bit of new stash

New Stash!

l-r: Sept/Oct JCS, Blackbird Designs Casting a Spell, Blue Ribbon Designs Moonlit Midnight, Ink Circles Four Seasons Mandalas. front: Bent Creek Got Newt?



– I finished off two Pine Mountain Pillows (caught up!)

– I finished the latest Harry Dresden novel, Ghost Story (What a ride…)

And all before noon today 🙂  I love vacation!


August 7th, 2011

Christmas in August?

When we last saw our intrepid stitcher, she was despairing over a seemingly incompatible floss and fabric combination (with good reason).

A dip into the stash turned up some promising blue linen, but sadly nowhere near as large as needed for the preferred design.

But inspiration struck. Why not stitch one if the smaller ones instead? A quick finish. Temptation satisfied. Then back to some of the other larger WIPs ever whispering for their time under the Ott.



And still a large enough piece left to do the second small design.

For when temptation strikes again.

Santa’s Night by Prairie Schooler on Nordic Blue linen (32-ct. I think.)

June 1st, 2011

June Already?! (TUSAL)

This month’s TUSAL pic:

Yeah, yeah, crappy pic on my laptop.  I know.  And working tiny little kits and stuffing the leftover floss in the jar is a great way to fill it up.

The kit in question:

Say hello to Ms. Greta…. this month’s pillow model.

I finished this over the long weekend 🙂

Of course, this puts a crimp in this month’s goal plans…..bother!

March 13th, 2011

Pillows, Projects and Plasmas

Here is the March pillow from Pine Mountain, modeled by our Ms. Duchess:

I received two lovely project bags from Susan this week.  The blue and white one will house Chatelaine’s Swan Lake.  I’ll be organizing the kit and putting in first stitches…. today!!

Thank you for the condolences on the untimely loss of our beloved plasma TV.  We spent hours last weekend researching and shopping for a replacement.  The original store we bought from (and were quite happy with the service) is now going out of business, so we had to find an alternative….

Sunday, DH and Z were off to the local Sears and Best Buy.  We learned that this is an interesting time of year for a major electronics purchase.  The 2010 models are being cleared out to make way for the new 2011 models announced earlier this year at CES. 

We knew we wanted another TV at least the size we had just lost (50″).  I was also hoping to get something internet-ready given our love of Netflix and Hulu 🙂  3D was also of interest given we are HUGE baseball fans and ESPN has a 3D channel on DirecTV. 

Finding those three in a set that we liked proved to be a challenge.  Budget was not too much of a factor (I am amazed at how the prices have dropped on plasma TVs!!)

After DH’s initial outing on Sunday, it was time for research.  And more research.  We considered buying online (too scary to buy something this big sight-unseen).  We considered switching to LCD/LED (viewing angles and lighting in our living room are more conducive to plasma). 

The problem was that we were limited on where to shop.  DH and I went out Monday evening, visiting *two* Sears locations and Best Buys.  We found a couple serious contenders at Sears, but couldn’t find a salesperson to save our lives.  We had questions but no one was around to answer them, let alone take our money.

The one common theme…. “new models will be here in a month.”  At this point, I was almost resigned to having to go that long.  Surely, I could handle being a few weeks behind on Glee and Bones? (K works on those nights and we usually watch after she gets home and dinner/chores are done)  The DVR will hold out, right? 

Tuesday, while having lunch with a friend, she mentioned a audio/video place near my office that designed home theatre systems.  This was in Scottsdale, a notably more affluent area of town than my little Mesa.  Perhaps the concept of customer service won’t be quite as foreign….?  I’d certainly pay a little more for that.

I called DH and suggested he pick me up from work and we take a chance.

As soon as we walked in to StarPower, we knew we had a winner.  No empty spots on the wall.  More brands than any other place we had visited and we were greeted as we came in.  We discussed our requirements with Ron, who was very knowledgeable of all the brands and options.  We looked at several models, asked the questions that we couldn’t find answers to in our research and finally found the one for us.  A Samsung 63″ plasma.  While it was last year’s model, it met all of our wishes and then some at a price well within our budget.

We also elected to upgrade our sound system with a new soundbar and receiver.  Overall, not a bad hour for Ron 😉  But then, that is what happens with good customer service and knowledgeable salespeople.  Once that relationship is established, it’s easy to keep it going.  DH and I had planned to do the upgrade soon, but this made it much simpler for all.  DH also got a new pair of headphones thrown in to the deal 😉

All was right in my world…..

Until Friday.

The plan was to have everything installed this coming week.  However, there was a small problem….

The lovely new TV?  Last year’s model?  They couldn’t find one anywhere available….


But, their suggested solution has won my business forever.

They will give us the next model that is coming out “in about a month” (which happens to be 64″) but rather than make us simply wait, they will provide a “loaner” TV this week and install the other components.

At no additional charge.

Granted, I don’t know the size or type of TV we’ll be getting as our loaner and won’t until *this* Friday.  I can’t imagine it’ll be a 19″ CRT, though…. and right now anything is better than what we have.

 So that’s been my week…… more as the saga continues!

March 7th, 2011

Weekend Successes…and Not

I spent Sunday afternoon at Downton Abbey (thank you, Netflix), finishing up this lovely Faerie:

Mirabilia RR – 2011

Kathy’s RR – Faerie Treasures

This was the best part of the weekend…. the worst part happened on Saturday night.  Kids and I watched Sorceror’s Apprentice (not bad…we liked it) and after the coda finished we heard snap and crackle from our 50″ plasma TV.

Not a good sound.

The TV is about seven years old and we’ve had a couple issues with it previously (under warranty….though it was a struggle and took months to get it fixed) so we weren’t too horribly surprised with the latest. 

Our lovely TV now has a 1″ x 15″ black line down the center of the picture.  It’s like watching a move from a seat with a pole in front of it.  Well, one that doesn’t reach the ground…..

TV shopping and evaluation has begun.  DH went out Sunday for some initial scouting and we’ll be headed out with an Intent To Purchase here shortly.

January 8th, 2011

Mirabilia’s Summer Queen

Finished Friday 1/7/2011:

Fabric: 32-ct white jobelan

Started: Jan 2009

Took her to the LNS for framing today and this was the result:

The dark peacock blue mat is almost an exact match for the dark blue in her dress.  Love the swirls on the frame… they compare nicely to the beaded swirls on her ermine wrap.

And as promised…. Spring was started last night (while finishing off the first season of Mad Men):

2011 Stitching plans in the next post…. 🙂