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August 4th, 2011

Chatelaine Exchange Received

A package arrived today.

It contained a gorgeous pillow that traveled all the way from Finland!


Thank you, Katri! It’s beautiful :).

June 2nd, 2011

All My Acres – Goals

:: tap tap tap ::

Joe:  Is this thing on?  Fred?  Are you there?

Fred: Yup, I’m here.

Joe:  Whew… glad you got the text.

Fred: What text?

Joe: Didn’t you get Annette’s text asking us to post the goal review?

Fred: Nope.

Joe:  Then….ummm….. why are you here?

Fred:  I’m always here, Joe.

Joe:  :: pause ::  Ok, then.  Anyway, I got the update, so how about reminding the readers what the May goals were?

Fred: Sure thing….

  1. Start/Finish May Pine Mountain kit
  2. Start/Finish next Mira RR
  3. 10 hours on Greek Mandala
  4. 10 hours on Swan Lake
  5. Second pattern repeat on Helix Scarf

Joe: Ok, based on her text, here’s the update:

  1. Yes
  2. Half
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. No

Fred: A bit cryptic.  I guess that means she accomplished the Pine Mountain kit and the Greek Mandala hours, started the Mirabilia RR design and didn’t make the last two.

Joe: Wow.  You are good, Fred.  I suppose those Stash Cams you put in recently really help.

Fred: Maybe.  The one in the garage only works when the light is on, though.

Joe:  I suppose that makes sense.  Hey!  Look here.  There’s a picture of the Greek Mandala progress:

Fred: Nice.

Joe:  So, Annette didn’t leave us any hints for June goals.  Maybe we should make up a few for her.

Fred: Ok.  Let me consult the Stash Cam by her stitching chair to see what is in the pile.  I see the Mirabilia RR….. I think that’s a good first goal.

Joe:  Good call.  She made good progress on Greek Mandala, let’s keep that on the list this month.

Fred: She finished the June Pine Mountain kit, but did you notice we never saw January’s?  I think she needs to catch up this month.

Joe:  A little cool stitching in a warm month.  Great idea.  Hey, is that Spring Queen I see hidden away next to the chair?  How about 10 hours on that this month?

Fred: I think we should give her a non-stitching goal, too.  You know she’s been working a lot lately, a little escapist reading would be a good idea.  That book shelf over on the right hasn’t changed much in the last few weeks.

Joe:  Sounds like a plan.  Here’s where we ended up:

  1. Finish/Mail Mirabilia RR
  2. Greek Mandala – 10 hours
  3. Start/Finish January Pine Mountain Kit
  4. Spring Queen – 10 hours
  5. Finish one book on Currently Reading Shelf

Fred: A good mix.  Are we done?

Joe: I think so!  See you next month, Stitch Fans!

Fred: psst… Joe. 
Joe: Yeah?
Fred:  Do you think she’ll let us come back after creating goals for her?
Joe: Sure.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Oh wait…. don’t answer that.
Fred:  Good call.
May 9th, 2011

Chatelaine Greek Mandala Progress

I’ve been plugging away on my Greek Mandala:

I have to admit, I’m having a hard time putting it down.  The colors are just so gorgeous and the design is just complex enough to keep me interested, but no so complex to be frustrating.  I can do one quadrant and then use it as a reference for the other three rather than continue to look at the chart….

Just the right mix after long meeting-filled days.  I’m hoping to have this part done and be on to the next before the end of the month.  We shall see 🙂

(Now that I’ve written that I will lose all interest…. you do know that, right??)

March 15th, 2011

A Start!

So, I did make a start….

I bought the Gloriana thread at the LNS on Monday.  The dark blue is DMC.  I’ll continue with more DMC while I wait on the new kit to arrive.

You can also see my home-made floss tags.  Just three circle punches of various sizes.  The holder is an online find.. it’s an A & P Mechanic Cable key ring made of aircraft grade cable.  Two sizes can be purchased here: A & P Key Rings

July 3rd, 2010


Time to show off two recent bits of exchange stitching.  

ABC Exchange (Hooked on Exchanging blog)

What I received…. a gorgeous pillow.  Love love love this!  Click to biggify…

I also sent a small pin pillow based on the Blackbird Designs “Know Your ABC’s” freebie.  I also did a small fob (recipient initials on the front, mine on the back with the date).  The cord is made from black DMC and metallic threads.

Finishing fabric you may recognize from this pic 😉

Chatelaine Exchange (Chatelaine Board)

Today’s mail brought me this gorgeous ornament based on sampler designs from the Ruby and Sapphire mini-mysteries:

And the back:

I sent a biscornu based on Mini Mandala 1 and a beaded fob: