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May 19th, 2012

A Gift and a Finish

My dear daughter ordered my Mother’s Day gift about two weeks ago (Mother’s Day was one week ago).  It arrived today:

 Can’t see the logos?  How about this…

It’s an Avengers bracelet with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America logos.  I LOVE IT.

I only used three (of ten) rotation hours to finish the Haunted House piece this week.  So, in the spirit of “May Memories” I dug out a small kit that I purchased last year when I attended a class with Jackie DuPlessis called “Containers.”  I finished the stitching in just a couple hours and did the finishing today.

Not my most elegant finishing, but these two are staying home with me, and I must admit, I’m much less picky about stuff I keep! LOL.  The same design is stitched on both tops… the one on the left is over-1 and on the right over-2.

The larger container is a LockUp which I’ve never seen before.  These are very cool!  They’d be great for buttons, pins, charms, etc.