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November 5th, 2012

The Other WIP

One might think I’ve only been stitching lately, but this isn’t so!

I started a knit piece for our recent trip back east.  I find knitting FAR easier to deal with on an airplane and a pattern that is easily memorized is a win all around.

I didn’t have anything that fit the bill already started (surprised? Nah…) so wound up a couple cakes of sock yarn, loaded up a pattern (or two or three) on my iPad and grabbed a needle that would work with my yarn.  I figured I’d make the final decision when I was ready to cast on.

At the airport on Friday, I considered the options….

The winner:

Wingspan in Lorna’s Laces Zombie BBQ

This is where I was when we got home.  I’ve since started triangle #7 (of 8 total).  The fact I had this yarn in stash is Michelle‘s fault.  She recently posted a gorgeous scarf and I hunted down a skein not long after.  As I figured I’d be knitting over Halloween, it seemed a good choice!

September 1st, 2012

Hello?? (TUSAL, et al)

Yikes.  August kind of got away from me!  It was definitely a busy month and I’ve got a few things to share….

First up, the monthly TUSAL post:

There’s a mix of yarn (keep reading for the project pics), floss and some “guest” orts from a weekend “Soiree.”

I had two knitting finishes in August.  First is a red scarf that is now living on the east coast and will keep a bear named Matthias warm this winter.  I fully expect his owner to “borrow” regularly (or I certainly wouldn’t have put in the time to make it… LOL).

It’s Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf using Lion Brand Tweed in Red on #10 needles.  This is a great pattern for both solid and dyed/patterned yarns.  I think I’ve made at least six versions with different weights/needles.

The second knitting finish is a Multnomah-inspired Shawl.  This was my third Camp Loopy finish for the summer and just in the nick of time as I cast off on the 26th and the deadline was the 27th!

It is purple and oyster grey using Loopy Ewe Solid Series.  I made the garter stitch section larger (the purple) to use up one full skein and enough of a second to get to an appropriate number of stitches to start the feather/fan repeat in grey.  One full skein of grey and a final thin garter border in purple to meet the 500 yard requirement for the project.  It’s my first true lacy shawl and I really like how it came out 🙂

I hav also been stitching a bit.  I spent the third weekend in August at a Sampler Soiree put on by my LNS, Attic Needlework.  Three days of food, fun and new projects with great gals (and one gentleman).  The centerpiece project is a box.  We covered the box (with Attic’s signature tissue paper), made the insert and added ribbon as part of the class Sunday morning.  The stitched piece will be added to the top…. I may actually finish that this weekend.  Only the partial line of verse to finish and then “To the Ladies” to add above:

It was a great project!  There’s a small monogram design to stitch for inside the top to put  on the finishing touches.

I managed to complete one other small project – a simple sampler on perforated paper:

We received a small piece of sampler print material for the back so one of these days I’ll get it finish-finished.

I also finished a wool pocket for a Lucet and learned how to braid using the tool.  I’ll catch a pic of that next time…

I’ve got three more projects from the weekend to do and yes, this non-sampler person will be doing them all.  LOL.  If you’d like to see pictures of the other projects, check out the Attic newsletter from last week found here (link to a PDF).  The pics from the weekend start on Page 4 and you may spot me in one of them 🙂

I’m sure you can see how August got away from me for blogging!

May 27th, 2012

A Start

I started my Camp Loopy project today.


It will be Hitchhiker scarf in Lorna’s Laces Liberty. Rather appropriate for today, eh?

I’m also working on my Mirabilia Round Robin. Need to finish my Queen Mermaid square and it will be another finish for the year 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off for Memorial Day. Kids and I will be seeing Avengers again and making a stop at the bead store and Hobby Lobby. Perfect way to spend a day off in my opinion!

April 12th, 2012

What the Yarn Wants

While life and work have been extremely busy, I have been knitting along because sometimes that’s all my brain can handle in the evening.

It’s also what I do on the vanpool in the morning and afternoon.  And I’ve been known to sneak in a row or two while doing company-mandated training….

Over the last few months, I’ve bought a skein of yarn or two.  (ahem)  Sometimes, I see the colors and I just *know* what the yarn wants to be and in the last project, where its home is meant to be.  My last project was a simple One-Row scarf that is now happily residing a bit east of me.  I knew from the moment I clicked “BUY” exactly who that yarn was meant for.

Before heading out for my business trip last week, I needed a new knit project to take along.  I prefer to knit on planes and I was pretty sure I would have very limited time between meetings and dinner plans to do much more than a row or two at night.

I’ve had a couple of recent purchases hanging out in my nightstand (yes, my stash lives in various nooks and crannies in the house… whose doesn’t??) so I wound one up (Fiesta Boomerang in Surf.  One of my very favorite yarns in an awesome color) and found a promising pattern (Simple Textured Sock).  A bit of a swatch to find the right needle and I was off and running.

I made decent progress while on the trip…..(beware… really sucky cellphone pic)

But this week, I could tell there was just something not right.

Blackberry included for size comparison.  Evidently I’m knitting a sock for Bigfoot.

The yarn was not happy.  My gauge was very close (7.75 st/in rather than 8), so that was not the root cause.  The needles were appropriately tiny (US1).  The fabric was relatively firm and I was measuring out fine.  I realized that at the current rate, not only would I have to find someone with much larger feet than the average person to receive these, I may not have enough yarn to complete the pair.

It was painful, but unhappy yarn does not make for a smooth project.  I ripped them out completely and started something new tonight.  Larger needles….simpler pattern better suited to this springy yarn…

So far, the yarn seems much happier.  I’ll let you know when I’m a few more rows in.

December 26th, 2011

A Productive Vacation

It’s been a fairly hectic vacation (for me) this year.

DH started work today (YAY!) so last week was a series of orientation meetings, testing and paperwork bits to put in place for today’s first day of training.  Z’s last day of school was Thursday, so the daily shuttle service for him to/from school was in play.  A few last minute gifts and errands to run, etc.

I decided on a couple of last minute hats for my niece and met a friend at a new yarn shop near my office to get supplies.

The red one is Blue Sky Alpaca (both yarn and pattern).  The pink is the Elf Hat from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  My friend had shown me several she had finished the last few weeks for various nieces and nephews and before I knew it I had the book on my Kindle app on my phone and was hunting for the yarn shop.  The yarn is Collinette Calligraphy in Fushia.  Each hat took about two hours from cast on to weaving ends and have been well received by their intended recipient in New Mexico 🙂

Next on the list was finishing off Homespun Elegance’s Holiest of Nights…

Fabric is Vintage Misty Rain in 40-count.  I did convert the Weeks threads to Crescent Colors (with the help of Ms. Heather on her recent trip to AZ).  The cover picture is lousy for colors…. I like my version much better 🙂  If you’d like the list of colors used, mention in a comment and I’ll reply…

Here are the coversions from Weeks to Crescent Colors (DMC and GAST were not changed):

  • Dolphin to Rain Shower
  • Straw to Ginger Snap
  • Bark to Brandied Pears
  • Collards to Steamed Broccoli

The corner angels are still in question.  I have two options in mind.  Option A has been ordered, we’ll see how that looks as soon as it arrives received.  I’m not loving it, so Option B is now in play.  That one will take some time to work out 😉

The last thing on the 2011 list is finishing my Mirabilia RR.  I left one final square to fill on the return.  I did start Queen Mermaid and given I’ve got a week of vacation left, there’s a good chance she won’t get added to the 2012 Wipocalypse list.

However…. I did find myself reaching for another newly purchased design last night after all the Christmas festivities were complete:

What can I say?  It was practically screaming…. (it’s on Smokey White Belfast.  Photography is not my strong suit).


January 31st, 2011

Where Did January Go?

Another weekend gone and with it the month of January.  How time flies, eh?

I finished the first of the Chewy socks (yet another craptastic photograph… oooo):

 Second one is mid-cast-on.

Also made good progress on Mill Hill Winter Wonderland thanks to a few Perry Mason movies on Sunday:

Saturday, Mom and I went to the annual Sewing and Craft Fair.  I did pick up some vanilla and cinnamon (Watkins – best stuff!), a roll of interfacing (for applique) and two half yards of a Halloween print.  I also found a book that looked very interesting:

How can you resist a book with crossed swords and Templar shields?

Lots of great stuff here… though sadly, no Halloween 🙁

At the show, the cost was $30.  That was a bit steep, so I left it behind.  When I got home, a quick check of Amazon found the same book for $18.80! Ordered on Saturday and arrived today.

January 23rd, 2011


A little over a week ago, I found this post by Monique from Inside Number Twenty in my feed reader.

This prompted an eBay visit… and Friday my new “focus” aid arrived and was installed on the end table (excuse the crap-tastic picture…):

Her influence is already being felt!  I have spent all my stitching time this weekend on… yes… one project.

I’ll wait while you recover from the shock.



Ok…. here’s the project (yet another crap-tastic pic, I know):

Yup, it’s the first of a pair of socks.  And technically, a WIP from last year…..

The yarn is Chewy Spaghetti, one of my favorite sock yarns.  I had started a pattern from Knitty that was a toe-up knit with some interesting construction last year.  Well, it was a little too interesting…. so interesting that it took more concentration than I wanted  to give it and after finishing the toe and working about an inch into the instep, I was no longer… interested.  (I’m sure the pattern is terrific and I accept that I am entirely to blame for the lack of commitment). 

Work has been more demanding than usual and that isn’t going to subside any time soon thanks to a recent promotion to management ( 😀 ).  The brain just isn’t up for anything too complex of an evening lately, so a nice simple sock to keep the fingers busy seemed like a good idea.  I ripped out the Interesting Sock and cast on the Yarn Harlot’s Good Plain Sock from Knitting Rules, a pattern I had worked before with success.

As you can see, I’m moving right along….. I’m hoping to get to the second sock before an upcoming business trip in a couple weeks.

I just hope the intended recipient likes them…. (you know who you are!) 😀

February 23rd, 2010


Just some odds and ends to share….

First, I snapped this (with my Blackberry) yesterday as I was leaving work:

I was sitting in the vanpool van, this isn’t thru my windshield.  The rainbow was so bright!  It was lovely.

Here’s my Olympic knitting progress:

Sadly, my Olympic goal is not looking good.  This is a two-skein project and I’ve yet to finish the first one (seen on the left).  We shall see.

I did manage to finish the latest in the Mirabilia RR – this is a portion of Violet.

I also finished a couple books… and have to recommend one of them to any fan of good old fashioned sword/sorcery/epic fantasy.

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

This is the first in a trilogy and by all that’s holy, do *not* read the blurb for the second book before you finish the first one.  MAJOR spoiler right there!!  It’s got magic, politics, fighting, assassins, heroes and a nice twisty plot 😀

February 7th, 2010

Knitting Olympics

It’s that time again!

The Yarn Harlot has posted her plans for the Knitting Olympics.

I participated four years ago and successfully medalled so I’ve got to try for a repeat.

One of this month’s goals was to start a scarf for my friend, S.  With everything else going on, finishing will be a stretch, but one I’m willing to take up as my Olympic challenge!!