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April 7th, 2013

Lanarte Tuscany… done!

My first official WIPocalypse finish for 2013!

Lanarte’s Tuscany (kit) – I started in 2006, not long before I left my last company. ¬†Given I’m leaving my current company in about two weeks, it seemed a good time to get this one finished up ūüôā

March 29th, 2013

March WIPocalypse

Thanks to my March Madness, I have now touched all but one of the WIPs I put on my WIPocalypse list….

I guess that means Spring Queen needs attention in April. ¬†Wouldn’t want her to feel left out, would we?

I didn’t finish any WIPocalypse pieces in the midst of March Madness stitching, but I did get one or two closer to that state. ¬†Here’s a couple of examples:

Lanarte Tuscany – I started this piece in 2006 (it was lunch time stitching at my last job) and given I’m getting ready to move on to my *next* job, this seems a good one to get finished up.

This is the result of 9 hours over three days. ¬†I’m guesstimating 15-20 hours to finish it up.

My Mill Hill Clarissa Cow is also close to finishing:

This was 10 hours added on to a small start.  Another 10-15 hours should see it done.

Hopefully both will be part of next month’s update as finishes!