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March 29th, 2013

March WIPocalypse

Thanks to my March Madness, I have now touched all but one of the WIPs I put on my WIPocalypse list….

I guess that means Spring Queen needs attention in April.  Wouldn’t want her to feel left out, would we?

I didn’t finish any WIPocalypse pieces in the midst of March Madness stitching, but I did get one or two closer to that state.  Here’s a couple of examples:

Lanarte Tuscany – I started this piece in 2006 (it was lunch time stitching at my last job) and given I’m getting ready to move on to my *next* job, this seems a good one to get finished up.

This is the result of 9 hours over three days.  I’m guesstimating 15-20 hours to finish it up.

My Mill Hill Clarissa Cow is also close to finishing:

This was 10 hours added on to a small start.  Another 10-15 hours should see it done.

Hopefully both will be part of next month’s update as finishes!

January 31st, 2013

January & February Theme-a-licious Update

Can you believe January is gone?!?  I swear, the months and years just fly by so much faster as I get older.

Oh wait… that is actually the case!  At least, the perception of time 😉

But on to the update!

The plans were pretty simple.  Two new starts:

Bluebell by Mirabilia – this is 20 hours total:

(Fabric is white… someday I will get home before dark to get a good pic…)

Sampler Aux Bouquets (Part 2) by Jardin Prive (10 hours):

Antique White Newcastle (40-ct) with Crescent Colors

And now for the BONUS!

A bit more on Christmastide at Holly House by The Scarlett House:

I’ve still got a couple hours to go on this, so I will get pretty close to having all the grout done on this quadrant.

Figural February

Who are the people in your neighborhood…your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Woot!  Another easy month:

  • Bluebell (duh)
  • Marlon Brando (Stars for the New Millennium)
  • Secret Ultimate Fan Girl Project (which has a number of figures on it) – details in a couple days.  Watch this space!!
  • Cackle – kitted while in Vegas this month

January 6th, 2013

January Plans

I realized today I didn’t share my plans for 2013 beyond the WIPocalypse and Theme-a-licious posts.

Granted, that does make up the bulk of my stitching plans, but I do have a few other things to work in.

As in 2012, I’m starting the year with 10-hr rotation.  I have six “slots” identified to work thru for the first round and will be working them in no set order.  I also work two slots in parallel thanks to having two timers 😉  I think that approach alone is what kept the rotation going as long as it did last year!

  • Rosemarkie by Long Dog Samplers
  • Bluebell by Mirabilia (new start – SAL)
  • Christmastide at Holly House by The Scarlett House
  • Sampler Aux Bouquets by Jardin Prive (new start – SAL)
  • Stars for the New Millennium (SAL)
  • DH’s Smalls

The last item is a result of DH asking for a few small pieces for his cube at work.  He has his penguin from last year, but he needed a few more items.  I pulled out a dozen options from my “smalls” bucket (and could have pulled many many more) and he narrowed it down to six which I will work thru in that last slot.  None should be 10 hours, so it will pretty much assure at least one finish per round!

I’m hoping to finish at least two rounds of the above this month.  Given the first two items are WIPocalypse pieces and the first four meet the Theme criteria (Garden or Flower designs) for this month, I’m starting off pretty well!

As of today, I’ve completed 10 hours on Rosemarkie:

…and the first 10 hours on Bluebell (she’s on white Belfast linen):

I’ve also gotten DH’s first small going.  It’s Edinburgh Castle from Textile Heritage:


December 2nd, 2012

Theme-a-licious Update (Nov/Dec)

While I didn’t state my plans for November, I fully embraced the “Nail It November” theme and managed 2.9 finishes.

Yes.  Two point nine.

The two finishes are Masquerade and Lilac Fairy as noted in my last WIPocalypse post.

As of Friday, November 30, I had Sunflower Fairy 95% completed.

She was missing only the golden beads… which I completed on Saturday (12/1), thus the 2.9 for November 😉

For December’s theme…. I’m hoping to finish Mill Hill’s Winter Wonderland (a pre-2012 WIP) and The Scarlett House’s Christmastide.  We shall see how I do 🙂


November 12th, 2012


Last night I finished another WIPocalypse piece: Ink Circle’s Masquerade

This is on 40-ct Vintage Tarnished Silver using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads (all as charted).  I started it right after it came out…. way back in 2010 (October) 🙂

Next up… Mirabilia’s Lilac Pixie.  Here’s where she is right now:

September 29th, 2012

September WIPocalypse – Let’s Dance!

My timing is perfect for this month’s WIPocalypse post!  I have TWO…yes, TWO Happy Dances to share!  And both from the WIPocalypse list 🙂

First – my long neglected Mirabilia Round Robin from 2011.  It came home needing only Queen Mermaid stitched.

You would think I could get right on that, yes?  Unfortunately, this makes the *third* time I have stitched QM on a Mira RR and I can definitively state I will never stitch the whole piece.  I did change her beads a bit to be ornery, but now that it’s all done, I’m so glad she’s there 🙂

The mermaids are stitched on Star Sapphire Jobelan and the borders were done in SNC’s Warlock Road.

For the second finish…. Little House Needleworks Sea to Shining Sea:

I was drawn to this design for the palm tree and saguaro cactus there on the left and once *those* were done, it languished in the WIP pile until this year.  It’s stitched on natural Belfast linen with the Crescent silks included with each of the designs.  (this is pre-Belle Soie).

The only intentional change I made is for those little white dots in the center panel.  I used white MH beads rather than doing individual stitches.  I hate “rogue” stitches 😉  There are some unintentional changes (especially in this panel… the frogs live in that river, I swear) but nothing too obvious, I hope.

That’s two items off the list!!  Woot!!

Also making fine progress on my L*K Mystery Sampler….

Only the last part to do and it’s my favorite of the three!

June 10th, 2012


My next new start will be Sunflower Fairy by Mirabilia.  This is my buddy Mel’s finished one: Sunflower Fairy.

After digging around in the stash, I found two candidate pieces of fabric for my fairy.  Which do you prefer?

Picture this Plus:  Pampas

Picture this Plus:  Dubloon


Edited to add:  The floss is Valdani…. and yes, I know you can buy it in skeins now, but at the time I got this (when the design first came out) this was what was readily available! LOL

June 8th, 2012

June WIPocalypse

Since we last talked WIPocalypse, there has been a bit of progress made…

In addition to finishing the Mill Hill Haunted House, I finally made a start on the planned new start for this year.

This is the June Cottage from Country Cottage Needleworks on 36-ct linen using a conversion to Belle Soie that was done by my LNS, Attic Needlework.  Attic is converting each month to silks and as it was readily available… well… I abandoned my original plan to do them all on one huge piece of fabric and I’m letting fate dictate each one stitched individually.

I’ve learned not to argue with fate.

I also managed another 10 hours on Mirabilia Spring Queen:

The progress is blinding, isn’t it?

And as an official followup to the last post… yes, my DH GOT THE JOB!  We are all VERY  excited here at The Acre!  There has been much rejoicing!  There will also be much shopping this weekend as we start rebuilding him a suitable business wardrobe 🙂  Start date is 6/25.

June 3rd, 2012

Theme-a-licious…and More!

May was a crazy month here as recently related.  The month ended on a positive note with a very good interview for DH… I am very optimistic a job offer will materialize early next week and it will be A Very Good Thing!!!  Of course, that will almost guarantee a crazy June as habits and schedules will need to be reevaluated in the house, but I will embrace that given the cause 😀

My May Memories plan were good… I did manage to resurrect one very good class memory from last year’s Chocolat class.  (Yes, I linked to someone else’s post… it was a low point for last year’s blogging, what can I say?)  The little containers were a quick stitching and finishing…umm…finish.

I did have another half-finish (click to BIGgify…really, it’s huge):

Kylie found this on our recent stop at Silver Needle.  She did the floss bits and I added the beads and assembled.  Just need to add the magnet on the back and it will live on the fridge 🙂  The penguin has a bit of significance here… that’s how Kylie refers to DH 😉  And depending on his mood, he may be a “Zombie Penguin” LOL

I made progress on my Mirabilia Mermaid RR square.  Only one rotation slot left will finish her off:

She looks lovely in with her mermaid sisters…. can’t wait to show off the whole thing!

That’s it for my May Memories stitching. Two other bits of progress:

Hitchhiker is growing:

Plum Pudding is….expanding(?):

I’ve worked up to the top edge and started moving to the upper left corner.  22 hours total here.

On to June plans!

Jumanji June

Is it a jungle out there in your stash? Give some love to the projects with animals or birds.

My WIPocalypse list doesn’t have a huge animal selection, but I will pull out Masquerade for Rotation Round 5 (still have three pieces to hit to finish off Round 4) and may pull another WIP out of the stash to add in that fits the June theme once the Mira RR is complete.

December 4th, 2011

Final Round Robin

I finished the last of the Mirabilia Round Robins today


And the full piece:


It will be headed home this week (as soon as I find an envelope…..oops). I will have a final square to stitch on mine when it arrives home 🙂