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June 3rd, 2012

Theme-a-licious…and More!

May was a crazy month here as recently related.  The month ended on a positive note with a very good interview for DH… I am very optimistic a job offer will materialize early next week and it will be A Very Good Thing!!!  Of course, that will almost guarantee a crazy June as habits and schedules will need to be reevaluated in the house, but I will embrace that given the cause 😀

My May Memories plan were good… I did manage to resurrect one very good class memory from last year’s Chocolat class.  (Yes, I linked to someone else’s post… it was a low point for last year’s blogging, what can I say?)  The little containers were a quick stitching and finishing…umm…finish.

I did have another half-finish (click to BIGgify…really, it’s huge):

Kylie found this on our recent stop at Silver Needle.  She did the floss bits and I added the beads and assembled.  Just need to add the magnet on the back and it will live on the fridge 🙂  The penguin has a bit of significance here… that’s how Kylie refers to DH 😉  And depending on his mood, he may be a “Zombie Penguin” LOL

I made progress on my Mirabilia Mermaid RR square.  Only one rotation slot left will finish her off:

She looks lovely in with her mermaid sisters…. can’t wait to show off the whole thing!

That’s it for my May Memories stitching. Two other bits of progress:

Hitchhiker is growing:

Plum Pudding is….expanding(?):

I’ve worked up to the top edge and started moving to the upper left corner.  22 hours total here.

On to June plans!

Jumanji June

Is it a jungle out there in your stash? Give some love to the projects with animals or birds.

My WIPocalypse list doesn’t have a huge animal selection, but I will pull out Masquerade for Rotation Round 5 (still have three pieces to hit to finish off Round 4) and may pull another WIP out of the stash to add in that fits the June theme once the Mira RR is complete.

April 23rd, 2012

Rotation Revisit – First Plum Pudding pic!

At the end of March, I finished the second round of my 8-piece rotation.  Due to some work travel and a certain bunny that hopped in, I did not jump in to a third round.  I knew I needed some tweaks… given it took sheer force of will to get thru all eight designs slotted in round two.

What to do to rejuvenate?  Well, a new start, of course.  I mean, really, is there no better way to find the stitching mojo again?

Saturday I kicked off Rotation Round Three with Glendon Place’s Plum Pudding.  After nine hours work… here’s where I am (click for a truly biggified version):

Dinky Dyes silks (yum!) and Vintage Stormy Clouds Belfast (yes, I got it wrong in the last post… the curse of age and memory).

This rotation round will look like this:

  1.  Plum Pudding (10-15 hours)
  2.  Spring Queen (10 hours)
  3.  From Sea to Shining Sea (10 hours)
  4.  Mill Hill Haunted House (10 hours)

That’s it.  Four pieces I want to make progress on over the next couple months.  Three are still on the WIPocalypse list, too!  Win!