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July 31st, 2011


Two posts in one day… wow.

Don’t look for this to happen again any time soon!

Catching up on my blog reading, I realized it’s time for a TUSAL post.  But first, I must share the Mirabilia Round Robin I finished about an hour ago…

This is Mirabilia’s Christmas Elegance in a shadowbox style.  I filled in the lower left corner.  She is gorgeous!

Ok, time for the TUSAL jar….

Yes, this is a multi-purpose picture.

You see my TUSAL jar there.  Well, there’s a lot of green on the top from Christmas Elegance, but I won’t be detailing the other colors quite yet 😉

In the foreground, you see what I was hoping to be one of my next two starts (yes Kelly, Venice will get some stitches this week).  However, I’m not loving the floss on the fabric….

How about a closer look?

Yeah… just not liking that combination.  I was going for something similar to PS Christmas Eve I did a couple years ago:

The colors for Santa’s Night look a bit washed out compared to these.  Hmmm.

I’m seeing two options here:

  • Change floss colors to “cooler” versions to match the grey/purple/blue Thunderstorm linen better.
  • Go for darker fabric that works better with called for floss colors (white/355/646/830/841/3362).





December 8th, 2009

Another Quick Post

Not much going on ’round here….  I’m checking off my last days of work for the year (7!) and getting the Christmas shopping done mostly online.

I received a lovely gift from the fantastic Goldie.

See it closed:

And now open!

Totally cool, eh?

Also Santa has made an appearance….

Maybe I’ll add his hands tonight….. 😀

December 7th, 2009

Drive-by Picture Posting

Quick post….click to biggify

Mirabilia RR complete!

A Queen Mermaid block for Rachel.

My Prairie Schooler start:

I blame this on Stewey’s recent post on Spinster Stitcher, by the way 🙂