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July 4th, 2012

WIPocalypse – July

First, a very happy Fourth of July to my American friends :)  And a belated Happy Canada Day to the Canadians.  And for everyone else… Happy Wednesday!

I’m taking a holiday from work today.  K and I saw Brave this morning and really enjoyed it.  We then went for lunch at a local sushi place with Terri and her DH and finally stopped at JCPenney to pick up a few items for K to take on her upcoming vacation to Georgia.  Friday will be Z’s turn.  The child just keeps growing!

And now… home to relax a bit for the rest of the day.  It’s been rainy and overcast so while still warm (it *is* Arizona, after all) not unpleasantly so.

On to the WIPocalypse update!

Since our last chat, I’ve made a bit more progress on LHN’s Sea to Shining Sea

I’m thinking a push during the Olympics next month will see this complete!

A little more progress on my June Cottage…again, another very close to finish.  Maybe this month?

Before I headed off to Dallas, I pulled out many of my “small” WIPs and will be adding them to the WIPocalypse list for the year.  I have every intention of getting the WIP list under 30 by year end and finishing off the smaller items is a quick way to make an impact.

One of the ones I found was an old Mill Hill Snow Charmer.  I’d only but a couple dozen stitches in and had followed the directions (a rarity) using three strands.  I have since figured out to use only two strands (such a rebel) and the perforated paper was not conducive to ripping out even the two dozen or so I’d put in.  One of the benefits of using fabric for the MH Bead & Button pieces is that I tend to have some leftover paper…. so I restarted the snow man and am much happier with the look.

January 29th, 2012

Rotation Redux

Note: January has been a very very busy month for me with both wonderful and horrible happenings.  I will share some with you, but in no particular order… just what makes sense to write about when I get a notion to write. 

Years ago, I tried to use a strict 10-hour rotation method to bring my then 20+ WIPs under control.  I managed to stick with it for a few months before collapsing under the attempt to contain my somewhat fickle stitching whims.

It definitely appealed to my detail-oriented and results-oriented mind, though.  I tried at various points to spin it up again using my handy Pampered Chef timer (great tool) but always bogged down and stopped when I was less-than-enthused for whatever piece I was working on.  So the challenge was how to balance to keep progressing on larger designs without losing the ability to adapt and still get the satisfaction of a finish?

After chatting with Terri a few weeks ago and listening to her share her plans to get back to timing, I thought I would give it a go and just let it develop its own rhythm.

I hit the “Start Timer” on the 17th and have made it thru four 10-hr slots successfully :)  I bought a second timer (West Bend model) so if I got stuck on one piece, I could overlap two slots without losing track.  Given that I stitch in two areas of my house and I can’t work on every WIP in both areas, it helps if I can overlap a bit.  The other “rule” that is working well is not trying to figure out the order of the WIPs more than one slot ahead.  I’m using my WIPocalypse list, but other than keeping to that list…I’m not planning very far ahead.

I’ve managed:

  • 10+ hours on Liberty Lane (I started timing after I’d put in a couple hours)
  • 10 hours on Rosemarkie (Long Dog)
  • 10 hours on Lilac (Mirabilia)
  • 10 hours on Sea to Shining Sea (LHN)

Pictures of the first three will come with the Jardin January round up this week.  Here’s the Sea to Shining Sea (finished is here – scroll down to second design) pics:


Ten Hours Later:

Not bad!

And what is next?

Dimple Designs L’Epoch Nouveau…. let’s see how much I can get done :)