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October 2nd, 2010

Market Stash with a Surprise!

Today,  I did a little stashing…

The mailman brought the one chart I preordered from my favorite online shop:

 Hoodoo Voodoo by The Primitive Needle

I visited my local shop to pick up the other chart I preordered (along with fabric and floss to complete it).  The scissors (Dinky Dyes!)  jumped in my hand while browsing the other goodies Jean brought back from St. Charles 😉

 Masquerade by Ink Circles

Jean was excited for me to pick it up…. see the top?

How cool is that!!!!  Tracy is totally awesome 😀  I’m thinking I may just have to start it…like….tonight!! LOL

April 14th, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :)

(Click the picture if you don’t know what the symbol is… LOL)

Today, I’m 45.

I don’t *feel* 45.  Or maybe I don’t know what 45 is supposed to feel like?

In either case, the calendar says I’m 45, so that is what I must be 🙂

Celebration of this 5th anniversary of my 40th birthday commenced last weekend.  Saturday night found us (four of us plus Mom) at Cracker Barrel for dinner.  I came home with a little stash from Mom:

The floss/fabric is for A Stitcher’s Story.  Mom did good, eh?

Today’s plans include lunch with DH at The Cheesecake Factory (Miso Salmon… yummm), a little shopping at Williams-Sonoma (finally get my food processor!) and a visit to the Apple Store to play with an iPhone.  I’ll be upgrading my phone next month and trying to decide if I want a new Blackberry or make the switch to an iPhone….decisions, decisions.

I’ll also be putting together a stash giveaway to be posted later today 🙂

February 16th, 2010

Stash Trumps Slump

As my stitching friends know, the best way to beat back a dreaded Stitching Slump is with new stash, right??

I had a comment from Theresa of Shakespeare’s Peddler on my recent post expressing my love of her new Jenny Bean…. (I know, I’m still kinda shocked and awed that she’d take the time to comment, let alone follow a link that was sent to her.  Thank you to whoever did that!!!)

So this reminded me I have been remiss about adding Ms. Bean’s previous releases to my stash.  And given the major slumpiness that is threatening to o’ertake me, no time like the present.

Christmas Sampler, Halloween Sampler (including threads) are on the way directly from Shakespeare’s Peddler (via Etsy).

Also sent a query on pre-ordering the newest one (with 36-ct fabric, though).

I can feel the Slump-y fingers loosening…..