Finishing Lesson: Scissor Fob

This is only one of *many* ways to finish a scissor fob! Because you are matching the front and back, the only requirement for the design is that the backstitch lines match up.

Here's what you need:

First, trim your stitched design to within one half inch of the backstitch line and press (if desired)

Thread a needle with a double length of floss (for strength) and come up in the corner of one side (*not* the corner you are going to put the cording!). Match the back sides of the two pieces.

To seam, you are going to pick up the backstitches only. Don't grab any fabric threads! Go around matching each backstitch and taking a single stitch in each one

Keep going around, turning the corner when you come to it...just match the backstitches.

When you reach the corner for the cording, make a small knot in the end of the cording (so you have a loop) and bury it in the fob. I usually straddle one "side" of each loop on each side of the corner of the fob.

Take a few extra stitches around and between the cording loop for added strength. Then keep going...

When you've only got about one half of one side left, stuff your fob. If you want some added weight, add a coin or plastic pellets.

Continue stitching to the corner, take a small slip know and bury your thread in the fob. That's it!

Feel free to add a tassel if desired, in the same manner as the cording. Possibilities are endless!

This is the Sweetheart Tree Blue Bargello fob finished in the same way

And this is Sweetheart Tree's By The Sea Fob - also finished in the same way.